ISHA Creations is a community marketplace that empowers people to connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique items with a story. Just as every individual is a special snowflake who has a story to tell, every business that ISHA Creations represents has an extraordinary tale to tell.

By inspiring connections, we can grow our community of creators to the eventual critical mass of users that are able to exploit the network effects of interaction, mutual learning, variety and choice to develop a vibrant culture on our platform.


The driving force behind ISHA Creations is its community: the inventive entrepreneurs who use ISHA Creations to promote what they create or curate, the consumers who seek meaningful purchases, and the ISHA Creations team who nurtures and grows the marketplace.


E-commerce websites are mere structures, remove the people, the interaction and the community and what’s left is an empty shell. ISHA Creations is different. The brand puts community and authenticity at the forefront of the experience.

At ISHA Creations, it’s not just about buying and selling; you build relationships, build trust, and build communities of people who keep it real.

In the local context, ISHA creations occupies a distinct market position among its competitors as its initial focus envisions having creative individuals selling unique products, rather than mainly secondhand or unwanted products as in the case of Carousell or branded manufactured products as in the case of Lazada and Qoo10. Even after courting brand manufacturers eventually, ISHA Creations would still retain its uniqueness as the only local e-commerce platform that lists all of the above product types under one roof.


Isaac Panneer envisions his platform to be a source of unique experiences. ISHA Creations serves to connect creators and appreciators of creativity together.

A charismatic thought leader, the meticulous yet down-to earth figure works towards making his vision of an authentic community-based marketplace a reality. His reputation as an influencer in his community gives him a voice of authority on product quality reviews.